Débutants Novices Intermédiaire

Me and Conway


Crash and burn

We only live once

Something in the water


Pick a ball of cotton (V)

Seminole Wind (V)

One O One (V)

Baby Belle (V)

Sunny (V)

Cadillacs and Caviar (V)




Go gentle  (V)

Winning Streak

Stick like a glue

Hit the Diff

Goodbye Monday

Homegrown (V)

Boogie wonderland (V)

Askin' question (V)

Obsession (V)

Celtic Na La (V)

A Love Dance (V)

Feeling Hot (V)

Bada Boum Bada Bang (V)

Man out on the Road  

                        (Partner) (V)

Respect (V)

Just a little love (V)




Call me

Country Roads (V)

Country & Pretty (V)

Kill the spiders (V)

St Patrick's Reel (V)

Be champions (V)

And get it on (V)





VBring down the house    M

Liar Liar

Reality  M

The boat to Liverpool

Stuck on you

Modern romane

Do you love me M


We only live once

Cliché love song

Little Liza M

Adrenalize M

Untamed M

The bomp  M

Get Stupid  M

Corn don't grow M

Ding dang darn it M

Something in the water


Uptown Funk

Dancing Kizomba


Alvaro (V)

The bite (V)

Dancing Tree (V)

Big Blue Tree

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